Here's a small sampling of the producers we have helped.


Delta, CO

Provide and Revive on Alfalfa helped a producer experiencing Colorado water shortages. After the first cutting, water was restricted and applied ten days later than normal. Their neighbors’ fields went dormant while his fields stayed green. This allowed him to get his second cutting two weeks sooner than neighboring fields after water was restored.


Isleton, CA

A silage corn operation showed the power of biological management to save costs and reduce pest and weed pressure. Provide and Revive were applied at planting and at the third leaf stage. No pesticides or additional herbicides were applied. Yield on this field was typical for the area, about 25 tons per acre. The cost of planting was about $250 per acre, half the cost of the field across the road which had to apply additional pesticides and herbicides. The revenue, after drying was $1,250 per acre with a net profit of $1,000 per acre, a third higher than the comparison field. The field with better biology had no discernible fire-worm or silkworm pressure while the pesticide laden field across the road had those pests and significantly more weeds.


Willamette Valley, OR

Better management of soil life with the help of Earthfort’s biological testing and the soil inoculate and microbial foods, Provide and Revive, helped this 200 acre organic blueberry operation improve their program and bottom line. They average 18,000 pounds of blueberries per acre, with less than 10% going into “juice”. The average in Oregon is 6,000 pounds per acre with about 25% “juice” berries.