Do biological inputs replace my chemical inputs?

Biological inputs accelerate soil regeneration in conjunction with other regenerative practices like cover crops, rotational grazing, etc. In some cases, the biological inputs can completely replace chemical inputs if combined with other regenerative management practices. In other cases such as row crops, they will reduce the amount of chemical inputs needed in a transition to a more natural fertility program that stimulates beneficial soil life instead of killing or displacing it, while maintaining yields and improving profitability. A soil test will help assess what your road map might look like.

What is the difference between Provide and Revive?

Provide is a soil inoculum.  It introduces a wide spectrum of natural biology, balanced between bacteria and fungi.  It comes in 250 gallon totes in bulk pricing. Here is a link to more info on Earthfort’s website.

Revive is a soil conditioner.  It contains humic acid and other complex carbohydrates to feed the biology and activate it, specifically fungi, which is usually the issue with low activity.  You can buy it in 250 lb increments in bulk pricing. Here is a link to more info on Earthfort’s website.

What is the benefit of Earthfort products over a local compost tea or extract?

Homemade compost teas and extracts can be a great option for producers. The overall biomass, biodiversity and fungal levels in homemade products, however, can vary greatly, and it is important to ensure they contain microbiology that will be beneficial for your soil. In addition, homemade products have a short shelf life limiting when they can be applied. Earthfort products are carefully formulated to ensure a healthy fungal population and are shelf stable, meaning you can apply when it works for you and know you have a product that has been tested for quality.

Even more importantly, these locally made extracts and teas work best if they are put down with a food source, such as Revive. Putting a local tea or extract down without Revive is like sending in the Marines with no bullets. Producers who make their own extracts and want good results, test the biology first and mix it with Revive when they apply.

How are the biological inputs applied?

They can be put down however is easiest.  Pivot injections, boom sprayers, helicopters, irrigation ditches, etc.  The only limit is your imagination.

What kind of results can I expect from applying Earthfort products?

The answer varies on your specific situation.  Every operation and set of management practices are different.  You will need to test your soil to see where you are starting from and we can help you make a plan from there.

How do I test my soil?

Earthfort has easy self testing directions here.

How do the costs of Provide and Revive compare to synthetic fertilizer?

This depends on your situation.  That said, most producers are spending significantly more on synthetic fertilizers, which are increasingly less useful every year as they kill the life in the soil.  Provide and Revive instead create a system of decreasing inputs, with improved results every year, especially when combined with better management practices.

What is the impact of bringing biology that is not native to my geography?

Biology is quite similar across the world. Even though the natural biological components of Provide might be from a different geography, your soil will take the biology it needs and the biology that isn’t needed will not survive. We recommend using Provide on broken dirt.  If you already have a thriving population of native biology that suits your production goals, then you won’t need to introduce new biology with Provide. Testing can help you determine that.

What is the impact of glyphosate on soil biology?

It depends on the specific microbe, but it wipes out certain species at fractional rates of applications. Biological diversity is compromised leaving the biology more favorable to the weeds that were originally intended to be controlled with the glyphosate.  Improving your soil biology can help get you out of this vicious cycle.